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Nothing But Bonfires

Launched in October 2005 and updated every few days, Nothing But Bonfires is a personal website that chronicles everything from my days as a British expat in Charleston to my current lowly status as a globe-trotting nomad. Oh, alright then, it's a blog. But it's a blog without the "here's what I had for dinner" bits.

Review: We Used to Go Out

"Though We Used to Go Out is far from improv comedy, the dialogue is so inherently real and natural that it might as well be. Conversation is suffused with slang, fights appear absolutely unscripted, and the juxtaposition of the well-meaning Jessicaís slightly hysterical shrillness with Jasonís lackadaisical sheepishness is immediately recognizable to anyone who remembers the painful tail-end of a partnership. Or, indeed, the middle of one..."

Charleston City Paper, June 2006

Review: Wreckage-o-Rama

"If youíve been well into double digits for a couple of decades now, Ferriís act is hit and miss. A purposefully pretentious dance routine hits the mark. A long-winded scene in a disco misses it terribly. Itís impressive when Ferri rides a unicycle; it would have been even more impressive, however, had he not fallen off of it..."

Charleston City Paper, June 2006

The Citizen Guide: Charleston, SC

This youth-oriented travel guide written for a site specializing in "radical travel," includes insider information on the best concert venues, bars, restaurants, and places to stay without spending a fortune.